Our vision is to prepare the students of medicine to their future clinical life by providing them with the essential basic knowledge from the disciplines included in this module.


a-To provide students of medicine with integrated disciplines of basic medical sciences to provide them with knowledge about the human biology, cytology, medical terminology .

 b-Enable the students, through the integrated teaching, to comprehend the relation between structure, function, and abnormal structure of the  human molecular biology .

c-In addition, at the end of this module, student shall be able to integrate the causes of disease to correlate clinical manifestations of diseases in the gastrointestinal System. The student shall understand diseases of national importance in relation to the clinical, therapeutic and medical aspects.

d- It will also graduate doctors who will have a strong foundation of relevant and necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes.

e-The above-mentioned mission will be achieved through integrated lectures, practical labs, seminars and tutorials.

 f-Our graduates will be committed to the ethos of medicine, personal development and life-long learning.

g- The medical physics and the principles needed to understand how the body works.

h- Provides major medical physics techniques and instrumentation commonly encountered in medicine